Our high school, IES Plaza de la Cruz, is the anciest one in Navarre. It had existed since 1845. We study around 1000 students and there are 110 teachers. In this school we mix the old concepts with the new waves of education.

Our teams are composed by 3rd ESO students. In this this project, «Monta una noticia, desmonta un bulo», our teachers belong to the subjects of English, Physics and Chemistry, and Biology.

The motivations that encourage us to participate in this project are: Critical thinking, propose learning situations that allow students to develop cooperative work, the application of tools related to the scientific method, strategies that encourage self-learning and promote scientific culture. through research. We consider that our knowledge about science can improve a lot.We are involved in this project, because we would like to do something different in our science class. We want to use this opportunity to recognize fake news about science but also to create them in order to make them believable.

As we study Physics & Chemistry in English, we will try to use it in our posts. It is a real challenge for all of us and we just want to enjoy this experience with all of you!

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